Childrens Church/Bible Hour

What is the value of having children in the worship assembly of the church?

4 problems with Bible hour:
1. It divides the assembly.
• I Cor 11:20; 14:23 – “come together in one place.”
• When the children are separated for the worship, this divides the assembly!

2. Prevents some Christians from worshiping God
• John 4:24; Eph 5:19
• If some Christians have to leave the assembly to take care of children in a separate classroom, they cannot participate in worship, which is a direct violation of God’s will. Not only have we unscripturally divided the assembly, but some people have been unable to worship, and actually have forsaken the assembling of the saints (Heb 10:25), which is a direct violation of the will of God.

3. It is not overseen by the elders.
• Heb 13:17
• The elders cannot be in 2 places at once

4. Missing prime opportunity for the children to be taught how to act in worship.
• Eph 6:1-4
• Told to rear children “in the nature and abmonition of the Lord.”

• Missing An Opportunity to Worship. While there are many times we can (and should) offer ourselves to children in order to teach them spiritual truth on their own level, there are some serious problems with doing this at the time the church has come together to study God’s word. The adults who conduct these “Bible Hour” sessions are missing an opportunity to worship God as they ought. When a congregation assembles to worship, the elders attempt to offer to the congregation the spiritual nutrition which they need to live in Christ (see Acts 20: 28). They do this by their appointment and oversight of those who lead the worship, and their specific direction regarding the order and content of worship. When a system is set up (no matter how well intentioned) which routinely deprives the adults who lead these “Children’s Churches” of the spiritual nutrition the elders offer to them it is bound to have an effect upon their own spiritual life.

Bible Hour also teaches the children that it is ok to dance, clap,
and that “worship” is entertainment!


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I have a passion of spreading the Word of God to all the world.
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